Friday, September 14, 2012

Ruffles Light My Life

Ruffles Light My Life.
I have a couple of old lamps
that I need to make some
ruffled shades for so I went
looking for inspiration.
and it includes DIY directions.
Just click on the image to go there.
Not only is that one pretty but I
love the turquoise lamp under it.
Not a fan of turquoise?
Can't imagine - but- if you're not
how about this one?
I love pink no matter what color it is.
That's a joke.
Feel free to laugh.

Don't like turquoise OR pink?
How about this one?
More demure, don't you think?
I think I am somewhere in between
all of those.
I have one of these from my grandmother.
It is on a hobnail milkglass lamp
from the 1950's.
I'll let you know how my lampshade
turns out.
In between projects you can 
find me in one of these.
(from Soft Surroundings)
Pretty As Promised
click on any image for its original source


sweetvintageofmine said...

Hello Juliana! I just came across your blog and I love it! I too, love ruffles and femininity style (also chippy and shabby too) A little rust is o.k. too! I am your newest follower and will be back! Your lamp shades were sooo pretty!! From one sweetie to another~~~Roxie

MIchaela Staňková said...

Also, I love the ruffles are gorgeous - and all things with them are so beautiful! Vicky